Analog Rytm Sound Pack: Transient Synthesis


Transient Synthesis uses the synth engines of the Analog Rytm and also adds a set of transient samples to the mix. These transient samples are layered with the internal synth machines, resulting in very tight, punchy drum sounds along with an assortment of original basses, pads, leads, and stab sounds. One of the greatest drum machines of all time just got even better!

The Analog Rytm has great sounding analog engines with loads of parameters, so finding the “sweet spots” in the machine takes time and knowledge of sound synthesis. The Transient Synthesis Pack is the easy solution to this, providing 16 custom-made kits ready with a variety of solid sounds influenced by classic analog drum machines of the past and present.

  • 16 original patterns in a variety of styles (techno, house, hip-hop, funk, breakbeat, trap, etc.)
  • 16 customized drum kits with performance and scene macros. The performance and scene macros make it easy to tweak multiple parameters in real time for endless sonic surprises!
  • Pre-programmed drum rolls and fills that utilize the fill/roll feature (introduced in Analog Rytm OS 1.30). Easily add drum fills and breakdowns to your beats.
  • A variety of transient samples of clicks and other percussive sounds: perfect for layering with the internal analog engines of the Analog Rytm. 
  • Samples contained within a “sample chain”, making it quick and easy to change samples.
  • Great for live sets, DJ sets, or starting points for compositions.
  • Available as digital download