About Elastic Membrane

Elastic Membrane is an electronic music project that began 15 years ago. Sonic experimentation and sound design has always been a large part of the Elastic Membrane sound. After countless hours of various recordings from a studio of ever changing gear, it is now time to release the finest of these sounds in the form of sample packs and sound packs for musicians, DJs, and producers.  

What kinds of sounds? Usually sounds and loops made from vintage and modern analog hardware gear (synths, drum machines, filters, compressors). I tend to favor sounds that are fat, crisp, and chunky.

Which genres of music? All kinds! But... the electronic genres/sounds that influence me most are: electro, dub, techno, acid, minimal, hip-hop, ghetto-tech, ambient, glitch, and anything with raw, underground vibes (in other words, generally not the typical mainstream/main-room sounds). 

Stay tuned for more...