Analog Rytm Sound Pack: Acid


Turn your Analog Rytm into an all-in-one acid machine! Filled with hundreds of multi-samples of acid synth bass (all notes, multiple resonances) and a full range of drum kits influenced by classic drum machines. The Acid Sound Pack takes the Elektron Analog Rytm to the world of acid house, techno and far beyond...

  • Includes 567 samples! (including sample chains filled with multi-samples)
  • Hundreds of individual bass samples for dynamic TB-303 style bass patterns
  • Bass samples include individual notes, glides, accent levels, and filter resonance variations
  • Complete multi-samples (all notes, resonances) from the Future Retro Revolution R2: faithful analog replication of the TB-303 bass sound, with extended parameter range
  • 16 drum kits, 16 custom performance scenes, 16 original patterns
  • The performance scenes change and morph sounds in real time for dynamic bass patterns
  • Custom drum kits featuring sounds sourced from various drum machines: Jomox AiRBase 99, Vermona DRM1 MKIII, Boss DR-110, TR-606, TR-707/727, etc. 
  • Great for live sets, DJ sets, or starting points for compositions.
  • Available as digital download
  • "Looks like it's the best sample pack for the AR."  North: Elektronauts forum 
  • "Two thumbs up. This is a work of love."  Bloatfield: Elektronauts forum 
  • "Just picked this up, it's fantastic!"  Coreyappleby: Elektronauts forum