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Depeche Mode vs. Analog Rytm: Vermona DRM1 MKIII Sound Pack Posted on 24 Nov 02:26 , 0 comments

I've been getting excellent feedback from Analog Rytm users who purchased the Vermona DRM1 MKIII Sound Pack. I'm pleased that people are getting great results from it.

I also love hearing tunes that use the pack, because we get to hear the sounds in a variety of musical contexts and genres, which is always a nice surprise. Drums often form the backbone and character of a track, and certainly the Vermona DRM1 MKIII delivers this: the sounds are oozing with unique analog character. 

I've always been a big fan of Depeche Mode, so I was pleased to hear this cover of the song "Wrong" from Franck Superbaby, done all on Elektron gear. On the Analog Rytm, he uses a demo pattern from the Vermona DRM1 MKIII Sound Pack. Waiting to hear "Master and Servant" next! Anyway, sounds great, check it out:

If you make some tunes with an Elastic Membrane sound pack, let me know... I'd love to hear it!

Send a link or sound file to: info@elastic-membrane.com and I'll feature it on the blog or feature it in a upcoming mix, etc.  

Changing the Game: Elektron Overbridge Beta Version Posted on 2 Jun 22:45 , 0 comments

For anyone still undecided about getting an Analog Four, Analog Keys, or Analog Rytm, Overbridge should be the push they need. Overbridge will completely integrate the newest Elektron machines with your computer via the USB port, bridging the gap between hardware and software. Elektron is releasing a public beta version of the software, and you can sign up to participate in the process at the Elektron site.   


Some of the Overbridge features listed so far:

  • Stream multitrack audio
  • Ability to sync Elektron sequencers to your DAW 
  • Edit parameters on the machines via plugins
  • Sequencing and automation
  • Ability to connect multiple machines
  • Ability to use an Elektron machine as an audio interface via the audio IN/OUT
  • OSX and Windows support
  • VSTi versions of the machines (Audio Units coming soon)

And some of the features coming in the future:

  • Sample management for Analog Rytm 
  • Analog audio processing 
  • Total recall of machine states within a DAW 
  • Librarian for sound and patch management 
  • Pattern and song editing 

Read that list a few times... and think of the possibilities. Mind-boggling! 

This is a potential game-changer and a massive leap forward for Elektron. If users prefer the workflow of software and VSTs, this is now an option via Overbridge.  But in addition, users will have all the benefits of hardware machines and can detach from the computer at any time. The best of both worlds? Time will tell. How do you plan on using Overbridge? How will it affect your workflow?

But another pressing question remains: Will Elektron soon be offering their coffee cups for sale? Coffee and music making go hand in hand...