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Welcome to Elastic Membrane Posted on 2 Jan 04:22 , 0 comments

Welcome! This blog deals with topics related to electronic music production and electronic music gear and software. 

The Elastic Membrane sound is ever-changing, but has a focus on sonic experimentation and sound design. Countless hours of recordings and loops from an ever-changing list of music gear is evidence of that. The plan now is that the finest of these sounds will be released so other musicians, DJs, and producers can use them...

What kinds of sounds? Usually sounds and loops made from vintage and modern analog hardware gear (synths, drum machines, filters, compressors). I tend to favor sounds that are fat, crisp, and chunky.

Which genres of music? All kinds! But... the electronic genres/sounds that influence me most are: electro, dub, techno, acid, minimal, hip-hop, ghetto-tech, ambient, glitch, and anything with raw, underground vibes (in other words, generally not the typical mainstream/main-room sounds). 

Stay tuned for more...