ACID Sound Pack for Analog Rytm Posted on 28 Nov 05:29 , 0 comments

Available NOW! 

The wait is over: the new sound pack for the Analog Rytm is finally here: ACID

The Acid Sound Pack turns the Analog Rytm into an all-in-one acid machine! It contains hundreds of individual bass and percussion samples and 16 kits and 16 patterns with full performance and scene mode macros for expressive performances. Perfect for acid house, techno, and far beyond.

If you've used the Vermona DRM1 MKIII Sound Pack, then you already know the Analog Rytm makes the perfect platform for warm, powerful drums. Well, it turns out the Rytm is also an amazing platform for powerful, expressive bass, and the Acid Sound Pack proves this. 

This sound pack uses samples in sample chain format: sample chains are chains of sliced samples. This means you can load many more sounds into a Rtym project. This was done to make space for the hundreds of bass samples needed to recreate expressive TB-303 style acid bass lines. Now, when you want to change the sound of a track, instead of loading a new sample from the browser, you can simply change the start and end times of the sample chain until you find the sound you want. 

The bass sounds were recorded from the Revolution analog bass synthesizer from Future Retro. The Revolution gives faithful renditions of the TB-303 bass sound, but with an extended parameter range, it also has its own character. Multiple variations were recorded, including individual notesresonance values, accentssaw and square wave versions, and even note glides

As if that wasn't enough, the pack also includes a full range of 16 drum kits with processed and blended sounds from various drum machines, including the Jomox Airbase 99 and Jazbase 03, Vermona DRM1 MKIII, Boss DR-110, Roland TR-606, 707, 727, and more!

Take a trip into the sound of ACID...