Sample Chains Video Posted on 14 Jun 09:21 , 0 comments

If you use the Analog Rytm or Octatrack, you may know a bit about sample chains already. They are chains of samples contained in one file, and when you want to use a new sample, you just scroll through the chain using the start and end point parameters.

Some people prefer the sample chain method to using individual one-shot samples. Once you get used to the sample chain workflow, it's useful and easy to get endless variations in your patterns! For example, the ACID Sound Pack for Analog Rytm makes extensive use of sample chains by having hundreds of bass note sample variations contained in the chains.

Anything else you'd ever want to know about sample chains can be found in the  video below from Carl Mikael's Cabinet of Curiosities. This guy has lots of great videos on gear and electronic music production, and here he explains sample chains and gives an informative demo on how to use them on the Analog Rytm