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Analog Rytm Quick Guide (Shortcuts) Posted on 13 Jun 02:08 , 1 comment

Like the other Elektron machines, the Analog Rytm has a ton of shortcut button press combinations to save time and improve workflow. Elektronaut "DC astro" has compiled a Quick Guide for the Analog Rytm on the Elektron Elektronauts forum. (Elektronauts is a forum with loads of user tips and information about Elektron gear and other music making gear.) The Quick Guide is essential: it will make your time spent with the Rytm so much better! 


Changing the Game: Elektron Overbridge Beta Version Posted on 2 Jun 22:45 , 0 comments

For anyone still undecided about getting an Analog Four, Analog Keys, or Analog Rytm, Overbridge should be the push they need. Overbridge will completely integrate the newest Elektron machines with your computer via the USB port, bridging the gap between hardware and software. Elektron is releasing a public beta version of the software, and you can sign up to participate in the process at the Elektron site.   


Some of the Overbridge features listed so far:

  • Stream multitrack audio
  • Ability to sync Elektron sequencers to your DAW 
  • Edit parameters on the machines via plugins
  • Sequencing and automation
  • Ability to connect multiple machines
  • Ability to use an Elektron machine as an audio interface via the audio IN/OUT
  • OSX and Windows support
  • VSTi versions of the machines (Audio Units coming soon)

And some of the features coming in the future:

  • Sample management for Analog Rytm 
  • Analog audio processing 
  • Total recall of machine states within a DAW 
  • Librarian for sound and patch management 
  • Pattern and song editing 

Read that list a few times... and think of the possibilities. Mind-boggling! 

This is a potential game-changer and a massive leap forward for Elektron. If users prefer the workflow of software and VSTs, this is now an option via Overbridge.  But in addition, users will have all the benefits of hardware machines and can detach from the computer at any time. The best of both worlds? Time will tell. How do you plan on using Overbridge? How will it affect your workflow?

But another pressing question remains: Will Elektron soon be offering their coffee cups for sale? Coffee and music making go hand in hand...

Loading Sound Packs and Samples on the Analog Rytm Posted on 28 May 09:38 , 0 comments

Loading sound packs on the Analog Rytm is fairly straightforward. This Elektron video shows step by step instructions on how to do it. 

Analog Mutations: Analog Rytm vs. Vermona DRM1 MKIII Posted on 8 May 15:40 , 0 comments

What happens when you cross-breed two of the finest analog drum machines on the market today? 

An analog mutation, that's what happens. The results of this experiment can be seen in the latest Analog Rytm sound pack: Vermona DRM1 MKIII. Take the pristine analog tones from the Vermona DRM1 MKIII and add them to the power and flexibility of the Elektron Analog Rytm, and you have a recipe for some serious analog punch!

The DRM1 MKIII is an analog drum synthesizer that makes a wide variety of analog synthesized percussive sounds. It can get deep overdriven 808 or 909 style kick drums... punchy, noisy snares and claps... organic toms, congas, clave, rims, snaps... metallic hi-hats from outer space... and lots of other alien noises. It even makes bird chirping sounds! The DRM1 is full of knobs and it can take a fair bit of tweaking to get the sounds you want out of it, but the process is rewarding. 

Now put those sounds into the Elektron Analog Rytm drum machine and you're in a whole different dimension. The Rytm has excellent analog synthesis, and it also shines as a sample player and sample manipulator. It's a very playable machine with a superb sequencer and drum pads. When you load samples into it, you get to process them with real analog filters, overdrive, and compression, bringing a whole new flavor to the samples! 

For the Analog Rytm DRM1 MKIII sound pack, 16 drum kits were carefully crafted from the DRM1 and loaded into the Analog Rytm for further processing and sequencing. Two of the kits were modeled as close as possible to TR-808 sounds doing close A/B comparisons. The DRM1 gets incredibly close to TR-808 sounds (especially the kick) but also has its own unique flavor. In addition there are also kits that approach 909, CR-78, and SP-1200 territory, as well as a host of others.

The pack also has 32 sequenced patterns in a variety of styles, perfect for jamming or as starting points for unique grooves or beats. The kits each have performance and scene modes to tweak and morph the samples in real time, leading to endless sonic surprises! Check the audio demos and explore a world of analog mutations



Welcome to Elastic Membrane Posted on 2 Jan 04:22 , 0 comments

Welcome! This blog deals with topics related to electronic music production and electronic music gear and software. 

The Elastic Membrane sound is ever-changing, but has a focus on sonic experimentation and sound design. Countless hours of recordings and loops from an ever-changing list of music gear is evidence of that. The plan now is that the finest of these sounds will be released so other musicians, DJs, and producers can use them...

What kinds of sounds? Usually sounds and loops made from vintage and modern analog hardware gear (synths, drum machines, filters, compressors). I tend to favor sounds that are fat, crisp, and chunky.

Which genres of music? All kinds! But... the electronic genres/sounds that influence me most are: electro, dub, techno, acid, minimal, hip-hop, ghetto-tech, ambient, glitch, and anything with raw, underground vibes (in other words, generally not the typical mainstream/main-room sounds). 

Stay tuned for more...